Brennus RP

This is a Work In Progress, an attempt to create a functional system for creating and playing characters in the world of Brennus. It is not an accurate reflection of in-universe mechanics, as those do not, in any way, lend themselves to balanced character creation (not to mention that I don’t roll the dice when creating my characters).

Brennus Character Creation

This google document contains the current rules for character creation and basic play. Please note that it is far from finished (as I focus on writing the story – this is explicitely an idle sideproject).

Brennus Character Roller

A program for automatically rolling up the basic statistics for your character. Quite out of date, but it is open source and anyone is welcome to update it. Original source code by Robert.

11 thoughts on “Brennus RP

    • the rp system is not used in any way for the story characters – if you try to classify them through it, you’ll hit problems, fast. It’s just meant for anyone who doesn’t know the background stuff (ie anyone other than me) to be able to make characters that fit into the setting

  1. Is embers powers weakness that it doesent defend against normal human attacks I can’t remember but I think the dark only hot him with kicks and punches and don’t actually use his power to fight him

  2. I’ve been having fun with the character roller ever since I found it. I love to roll a character and then try to imagine what power sets you can make. The only problem I’ve seen is that there is potential for seriously unbalanced characters. One of the first ones I rolled had one exemplar tier power and 7 nightmares. Just now I finally (don’t ask how many times i’ve rolled) got a character with 6 transcendent powers and a +0% DV. I’d love to see more work on the system, but given the choice between that and a new chapter i’d say let the story continue. 🙂

    • I know, the system is horribly out of date. Unfortunately, what I know about programming couldn’t fill a thimble…

      As for the RP system, I seriously need to rewrite it. From the ground up, really.

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