About Me

Tieshaunn is both my pen name as well as the title of my blog for publishing my work.

Though I have been writing fantasy and science-fiction stories since I was about eleven, I have only recently decided to publish my work.

Having worked on a fantasy series for several years now, I decided to do a test run first – a short series in a lighter genre, so as to practice my writing.

That test run was Brennus, which has, to quote the grand master himself, “grown in its telling” and expanded into a fully outlined and in-progress trilogy of superhero novels, which will all be published on this blog, bit by bit.

I hope that you, my dear readers, will enjoy this journey just as much as I do, and that we’ll all be able to take something away from this!


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. The journey so far has been awesome, one of the best reads I’ve ever had, and the best part, it’s been what I estimate a mere sixth of the way, and we can hope for 5 times that in the future

      • I pride myself in my being a college student able to use basic multiplication tables, thank you

      • “I’m a new reader, and haven’t read very far, but to think that what I have read is such a small portion of the whole story, I’m excited to see where this will go! Seeing as how amazing the story is so far, I can only imagine it getting better. I thank you for bringing joy (and stories) to avid readers(leechers) like me!”

  2. Could you please send me your email? I’ve been going through your posts and writing down grammatical errors and why I changed them. I’ d post them somewhere on this website, but they would take up quite a bit of space.

  3. Heya, I wasn’t sure where else to post something like this, so I decided to post it out of the way, here.

    I’m Joker, head writer of the superhero web serial Mavericks. I recently got it off the ground and am looking for ways to promote. I found your web serial on TopWebFiction and saw that you have a list of superhero web serials you’re promoting. I don’t know how to get on that list, but I’d assume it involves mutual sharing of our serials on each other’s sites, and/or swapping reviews. If that is the case, would you be interested in doing that with me?

    Here is my serial for reference: https://mavericksserial.wordpress.com/


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