I’m still alive, even if I wish I wasn’t, at times. Sickness and all.

Will explain more soon.




40 thoughts on “Lifesigns

  1. Hey what am I supposed to do during MY SICKNESS now?

    (Just kidding. Not about the being sick part unfortunately. *COUGH COUGH cough*)

    • I really hope we will hear from tieshaunn sooner than that. The only other thing I am reading right now is Ward and and that has gone really dark way too fast. Feels like wildbow is trying to write something even darker than pact. 🙁 We are only about 20 chapters in and there is already talk of war, a traitor and some really disturbing cults.

  2. Maybe I’m getting this mixed up with Worm, but can metas in this universe have second manisfestations? Because if anyone in this story can, Basil should right now, what with the emotional beat down he’s been going through lately, not to mention DiL’s little visit

    • second manifestations are from worm. Tieshaun has stated however that traumatic experiences mutate powers, which can result in an entirely different power based on the same idea. So yeah, powers can change, but that wouldn’t necessarily make them stronger.
      And considering what we know about Basil’s background… I doubt that this is enough to cause his power to mutate. And he still has his Macian personality should things start to go really sideways.

  3. Ties, is applying gadgeteering to the stock market – say, to increase predictive abilities of a stock trader or in any other kind of market like foreign exchange – banned? Or using precognition to do so? If they’re banned, how is it monitored? Since precogs interfere with one another I imagine it would self-limit, but gadgeteering should be harder to detect theoretically. Of course gadgeteers are so rare that there might not BE one whose abilities fall down that realm.

    Just thinking of ways Basil could get more money legally…

    Also, I know Tartsche can’t be moved in his defensive stance, but when he’s in it does he move with the ground underneath him? I imagine he could do the stance in a moving elevator. So wouldn’t one way to neutralize him be to vaporize the ground beneath him and bury him deep?

    Take your time to sort out life stuff, just hope you’re doing ok.

    • Somewhere, I think there’s a WoG that if you destroyed the ground under Tartsche while he was using his stance, he’d just float in the air until he chose to leave it.

      If you wanted to neutralize him, just handcuff him to a streetlamp or something. Aside from being impossible to move/harm, he’s just an ordinary human.

      • Ok, thanks. So can he use his stance on a moving elevator or in flight? I mean, if he *could* use the stance on a moving plane, and you destroy the plane around him, does he grind to a halt in midair or does he keep moving with zero change in motion relative to the plane’s original flight path? Essentially, can he choose his stable frame of reference? I don’t think he can since he can’t *move*. But then which frame of reference gets automatic preference?

        Let’s make the stakes higher. Suppose Tartsche is on a Su Ling-created interstellar colony ship moving at 99% the speed of light which has maxed out its acceleration so there is zero g in the ship. Halfway to the new planet they encounter an alien defensive forcefield and the ship gets obliterated. Tartsche is in his stance already, thankfully. But from his frame of reference he is truly stationary. Does his velocity with respect to the forcefield immediately drop to 0? In which case does his frame of reference continually adjust to his immediate surroundings? Or does it continue as before? In the latter case he would obliterate the alien forcefield and continue racing on at .99c forever, smashing every other object in his way. Maybe Journeyman could help him out.

        I know, questions for ties, not you. But fun to speculate 😛

      • I have never seen a story where powers interacted nicely with relativistic physics. As far as I’m concerned, relativity is its own form of reality breaking “superpower” effect. So I guess it’s just a matter of which is stronger: Tartsche’s power, or Einstein’s.

        At a guess, though, if Tartsche was able to consider the ship to be a stationary frame of reference, he’d probably go right through the alien forcefield. And then? Then he really would need Journeyman’s help.

        Out in vacuum, if Tartsche dropped his stance, he’d die, regardless of his speed. The fact that he’s going at 0.99c means he’d have a one-way ticket to intergalactic space.

    • I guess governments are trying to keep the stock markets as power free as possible. But considering how much damage Morgana did when it tried to get rid of the Syndicate I would say that having the right powers can give you a definite advantage.
      And I am also pretty sure that Magnus has some sort of power that helped him to amass his wealth.

  4. It’s 20th April, and I am genuinely worried about Tieshaun, fuck the story, Tieshaun are YOU ok?

    If you no longer wish to write at least mention death and move on….
    We will wait if you need more time
    –Loyal readers

  5. Sigh. wejp this sucks. Dude is either dead, in a coma, or just doesnt give a shit. This is where web fictiom ends for me, its just too unreliable. sigh (shrug) this was the only stnry that managed to keep my attention anyways. peace bros.

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