B001 First Run (Part 6)

“You have a secret lair? With hidden tunnels leading into it? Dude, how long have you been at this?”, the scarfed girl asked.

“A few months”, Brennus replied, walking down the tunnel. He was not really comfortable with the situation. But then again, he could not leave the cloaked girl to die either. As for the girl in the scarf…

Well, he believed her that her power, whatever it might be, could keep the other girl alive. He was not sure why, but he did. Still, I ought to design a lie detector I can build into the helmet.

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B001.5 End of an Age (Bonus)

Los Angeles; September 1st, 1986

“Do we HAVE to do this, Doctor? Again?”, Protector asked the deranged supervillain, as they faced off right at the center of Downtown Los Angeles.

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